Post 01:

I first want to introduce myself to the blogosphere before I begin posting on tumblr. My name is Lucas, but many people know me by Lou/Lu (and sometimes even Louie). I currently reside in a small New Jersey suburb of New York.

However, for most of the year I live in upstate New York, where I attend a small liberal arts school and study both political science and Spanish. I have a strong interest in writing, (essays, fiction, blogposts, etc.) and also enjoy politics, running, and most recently, longboarding.

My studies have led me to pursue a term abroad in Santiago, Chile, where I hope to spend the winter (summer, there) expanding upon my study of center-peripheral relations between traditionally first and third world countries in the field of political-economy and the subfield of development economics in Latin America.

Besides my studies, I am also a part of a fraternity at college, and hold the position of social chair, which involves organizing social events (parties) with other fraternities/sororities/campus organizations. I also write for a political newsletter on campus and am a member of my school’s indoor and outdoor track team.

As for the summer, I’ve spent most of my time with my girlfriend and other friends, typically making the trek across the Hudson to waste my money at 19+ clubs until I’m old enough to fully experience 21+ clubs/bars in the city. 

I hope to primarily post writing on my blog, however I may diverge as the blog grows. I may also write in Spanish from time to time. Feel free to message me!